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  1. Entry fee to Himavat Gopalaswamy hills for cars is raised from 80rs to 500 rs and buses from 200 to 2000/=

  2. Call for Bangalore
    hi, Guys, being an Indian we should support the one who has taken such bold step against the corruption . I request all my friends to fast for 1 day to support Anna fasting at Delhi. Don’t think of individual identity, just do it. If u fast the issue will become serious. It’s not the time discuss whether this movement will succeed or not . Come up with a strong decision of supporting and hope for the good result. Please make up your mind to fast for one day on Saturday i,e 9th April.
    We will get what we want if we are ready to fight for it. Remember 9th April, fast in Bangalore. We are going to make it.

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  4. Respects to everybody,
    A few points which one comes to my mind as generally (not disturbing to anybody) – on the View of Jan Lokpaal Bill on ALL INDIA Levels.
    A. If I done mistakes thru’ improper handling of required Government Documents, if I want excuse immediately on spot with the help of Government officer, if I give BRIBE to him – whose mistakes ? Ex: While riding the vehicle without License by me as one of the Public, if I catched by RTO to check on my vehicle’s documents – on that time to manage my Timings/ Manners in Public and in front of my own Job/ Business, if I give BRIBE to RTO Officer, ultimately whose mistakes ?
    B. By me as one of the Public, to manage Duplicate/ Corrupted Documents in front of Courts/ Government Offices, if I give BRIBES to Government officers – Whose Mistakes?
    C. By me as one of the Public, to passing the Bills after Government work completions, if I give BRIBES to Government officers – Whose Mistakes ?
    D. Is present Jan LOKPAL Bill Matter have 100 years Life – should be maintained 0% Loop Holes?
    E. Is it possible to make a groups – likes i. All India High Court Judges (Acting & Retired), All India IAS & IPS officers, asking/ making
    POINTS with practically applicable via their experiences.
    ii. Makes one formats with all points which one comes by these groups.
    iii. Asking PUBLIC Opinions thru’ Internets with registrations via Microsoft info pathway 2007
    formats, let them mark as TICKs on this format, will be helps to make as a Strong
    Jan Lokpaal Bill Rules with 100 years of LIFE without any Loop Holes.





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